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1, customer demand:
Their basic needs of customers through the telephone network, email or online order form, including:
1 Introduction
Design and development of Web 2 budget
The 3 basic functional requirements
The basic design requirements 4
2, we provide the solution and quotation "":
Answer customer inquiries, customer demand for the reply, provide the realization scheme and quotation for customer reference and choice.
3, to determine the intention of cooperation:
Both in interviews, telephone or e-mail to negotiate for the project, the specific content and demand. And the signing of the contract of advance payment.
4, to provide material:
Provide written materials required for the project (electronic version) with the picture material, to transfer our CD or any other storage media. We will begin the design style.
5, design and production:
We were designed according to the requirements, and to provide to the customer home design. Customer audit and confirm the design draft, our design and development of the entire station.
6, customer acceptance:
With the server 1 of all design documents should be uploaded to our customers browse the Internet test, acceptance within the prescribed period of time;
2 acceptance of the project including the correct link, the accuracy and effectiveness of the page is to restore the true design, text (electronic documents in order to provide the basis), and the effectiveness of the function module;
3 according to the customer's comments or suggestions to make the appropriate adjustments, but does not include the design or data structure adjustment, until the acceptance.
7, collect the balance:
The customer in accordance with the contract, to pay the balance, we will be the site of documents to the customer received the balance, or should the client site files directly uploaded to the specified server. So far, website design and development process of the end.
8, post maintenance:
Customers can arrange the daily maintenance and update on the future of the site in accordance with the contract, or maintained by us, and we can also be signed "agreement" by the maintenance of the website, we provide maintenance and update.

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